Top footballers in the world

As easy a task it may seem as the title so boldly claim to start a discussion about the top footballers in the world, it is by no means an easy a task as it appears. Football being a vast sport and with the sheer number of fans, players and everyone else that belong in the game. It is rightly said that choosing the best footballer out of all is not a task that could be done so easily.

Lot of debate is out there and of course pretty much like selecting the best song. It is not just the stats that come to play in selecting a classy footballer, a lot of people are fans of the style that fans of the score. However this article would mention a few of those super football stars that more or less all fans would agree as the ones who achieved great success. We would consider some interesting facts about them and try to understand why a lot of people actually love them and simply want more of them in the future. So if are an avid football fan yourself or if you are a footballer yourself, here are a couple of the legends you could take some great lessons from. So without further delay let me start the journey into the world of the greatest footballers.

Lillian Thuram is one of the greatest footballers of all time and being one of the best defenders that France has ever had, he has made a name how? well isn’t the question that everyone wants the answer to, well it was in 1998 in the world cup semis that he scored two of the most impressive goals in history and guess what happened in the finals, France won a most impressive match and became the world championship year. Next comes non other than the world famous Robert Carols, he started off as a player in Real Madrid for as long as eleven long years and he was a part of four winning leagues. There were two intercontinental cups among the wins. So what is his most famous move? well here it comes, it was his stunning kick against France in the year of 1997 where he managed to hit the goal from as far as 35 meters!

The world famous David Beckham from the United Kingdom is without hesitation an international celebrity. After being such a shot and great crowd grabber in the Manchester United in 1999 he got married to one of the biggest stars as you may have already heard, the great pop star Victoria Adams who used to be a part of the Spice Girls.

Zidane is considered number one in the field by a lot of people for his outstanding performance on the field. Having won the FIFA world player title three time and winning the Golden Ball in two world cups he is nothing short of a legend in the modern days. He scored two goals in the world cup finals in 1998 and considered by many as one of the best team leaders.


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