7 great dips that use mayonnaise

We all know that mayonnaise is the perfect accompaniment for many foods but as a dip there are endless possibilities. Whether dipping in our chips, crisps, nachos, pita bread or other favourite’s mayonnaise dips can be perfect for parties and snacks. With mayonnaise, you can also add almost any spice or flavour to create the perfect dip. Here we look at 10 of the most popular dips that you can create with mayonnaise.
Mustard Mayonnaise:
Perfect with steak, chips and potato wedges. Simply add mustard to your mayonnaise to create the perfect mustard mayonnaise. You can use either Traditional yellow mustard or whole grain mustard if you prefer though we would recommend yellow mustard for the perfect dip.
Coronation Mayonnaise Dip:
This is a traditional mustard mayonnaise recipe that uses curry powder and spices. Usually made with chicken and raisins to create coronation chicken, you can simply just use this as a dip. Add curry powder and cumin to create a hot and spicy mayonnaise dip. This dip is perfect with samosa, savoury foods, chips, Nachos and meat strips
Prawn Marie Sauce:
Traditionally used for prawn cocktail, the mayonnaise dip can be made by adding tomato ketchup to mayonnaise to create a lovely seafood sauce. For a little extra spice, simply add paprika. You can also add a little milk to make the sauce extra creamy. This dip is perfect for battered seafood, vegetable, prawns, crab sticks and other seafood’s.
Citrus Mayonnaise:
This wonderfully tangy dip can be made by adding lemon juice and orange juice. Also use grated orange and lemon peel to create a more flavoured mayonnaise. This is again perfect for salads and seafood’s.
Mango Chutney mayonnaise:
By adding Mango chutney to your mayonnaise, you can create the perfect dip. Finish off with chives and salt and pepper to create a lovely fruity dip that is perfect for Indian snacks such as Nan bread and samosa’s. This can be the perfect dip for parties and drink receptions.
Devilled Mayonnaise
This great mayonnaise recipe uses Tabasco sauce, chopped dill and lemon juice to create a hot and fiery mayonnaise dip that is perfect for chips, steaks and other meats and potato dishes. Why not combine with chicken for the perfect sandwich filling.
Mint Mayonnaise
Another lovely mayonnaise dip that uses fresh mint leaves, fresh cilantro, parsley leaves and red pepper flakes to create a really fresh tasting dip that is perfect for pita bread, fried snacks, vegetable crudities and seafood
There are many great ideas that for turning normal mayonnaise into a great tasting dip. Try one of the recipes above or even better create your own!
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