The 7 most beautiful hotels in Hungary

Can you imagine sleeping in an old castle? Do you want to give yourself a treat and stay in a 5 star? Are you looking for a place where they will accept your pet? In Hungary, all this is possible! Meet a wonderful country in Eastern Europe and be amazed at this amazing destination hotels.

What are the most incredible hotels in Hungary?

Not only in the capital, Budapest, but the full extent of Hungarian territory, you can enjoy exceptional service in most hotels. Do you want to know some of the most beautiful? Check out!

1. Hotel Castillo Batthyány

It was built in 1490 by the Batthyány family and the words that characterize this castle – turned-hotel are elegant and Baroque style. It also has an outdoor hot springs spa! Do not worry if you go in winter, they also offer indoor pools. You will feel that you are living several centuries ago.

2. Hotel Parliament

An excellent combination between the traditional (the exterior) and the modern (the interior). It is one of the most valued by tourists and is located in Budapest. The design is very nice and will call attention something futuristic furniture, lamps hanging from the ceiling and objects placed on the walls. Offers a weekend package with sauna, jacuzzi, cocktail and buffet breakfast … Do you want luxury and good attention? Hotel Parliament is for you.

3. Hotel Castillo Héderváry

What today is a 4 – star hotel 450 years ago, was a castle of Baroque and Renaissance style. You will be struck by the fact that the oldest part is from the 13th century! Although that is the only original left because everything else was redesigned, maintaining, yes, the essence of a construction dedicated to serving kings, queens, and knights for centuries.

Do not forget to walk the English park, which includes several exotic species such as magnolias (United States) and gingko Biloba (China).

4. Corinthia Hotel Budapest

Beyond its 400 rooms and all the luxury you can imagine in a 5-star hotel, the Corinthia has a pool that seems taken from a king’s chambers. It has balconies that open onto it and a wonderful design.

Do you want more? All rooms offer a whirlpool bath, a huge roof terrace, and even a nightclub! If you cannot afford to stay in this hotel at least go through the door during the night. When its facade is illuminated everything around it loses the charm.

5. Hotel Castillo La Contessa

The beautiful landscape around the building does not opaque the grandiosity of this castle belonging to two noble families (the Keglevich from 1666 to the end of the nineteenth century and the Pallavicini from then until World War II). It has been rebuilt in some sectors and nowadays offers a precious baroque style.

The story indicates that the name of “The Countess” is because Alfonzo Károly Pallavicini bought this castle from the Szalajka-Volga region for his girlfriend, Maria Wenckheim. You actually feel the nobility to ride in cars that leave the barn.

6. Bo18 Superior Hotel

Located in the Hungarian capital, it is special for those who always travel with their pets to and fro. This hotel not only allows but also welcomes, all pets. But they pay the same as a person!

The Bo18 has 45 very spacious and modern rooms. Do you want to know how they receive you? With a glass of wine! (Not for your dog). Facilities include a fitness room and a Finnish sauna.

7. Castillo Hotel Hertelendy

Set amidst an area of several hectares, this castle built in 1920 in neoclassic style has all the tranquility you are looking for your holiday. The original owner of the castle, Andor Hertelendy, took advantage of the extension of the fields as a hunting ground in the vicinity of Lake Balaton. Today you can take advantage of the bio farm and lake thermal.

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