Why kids need ‘risky’ playtime

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The likelihood is that when asked to think about your childhood, most people have fond memories full of climbing trees, chasing friends and making outdoor dens. Nowadays, children spend much more time indoors and don’t get to experience the same activities as their parents did when they were young. Part of the reason for this is that parents have become so over protective of their children that they no longer allow them to play these risky games.

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The risks

Back in the day, the streets were full of children playing outdoors, with no adult supervision. Of course, with the changing times, parents feel that this is no longer safe, and with busy lifestyles, some feel it’s hard to find the time to take their child outdoors. This means that nowadays, children are more likely to be playing in the safety of their own home, and even when allowed to play outside, they are restricted from taking part in anything their parents will see as a slight risk to their safety.

Some will argue that this overcautious attitude is robbing children of some of their best childhood memories. After all, older generations were allowed to climb trees, so why should it be different for their children? This type of outdoor play has a host of benefits for children, and although there may be a fear of them getting hurt, it will help improve judgement and resilience, if they are able to get up from a fall.

Adventurous play

Some parents are also nervous when it comes to common playground equipment, such as wood climbing frames. However, this type of activity can help to boost confidence and allows children to challenge themselves in ways they wouldn’t be able to do indoors. If you are unable to take your child to the park, you could consider an outdoor play set for your home, such as these http://www.niclimbingframes.com/climbing-frames. This way, your child is still able to benefit from risky play.

Whilst it is understandable that you don’t want to see your child get hurt, it seems unreasonable that they don’t get to share the same experiences as their parents. Even schools can limit this type of play, due to fear of litigation. However, with basic health and safety, children can enjoy outdoor play and the risks that come along with it.

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