Step by Step Guide to Uninstall Dropbox on MAC OS X

Dropbox is very useful; I don’t think anyone would like to uninstall it. But sometime situations come and we need to uninstall it. Reasons may be like to uninstall and install it again or if you don’t have any use of it or if you want to increase the storage. Whatever the reason it may be but here I am going to describe a step by step guide of how to uninstall dropbox on mac OS X.

Before we get started it should be clear it everyone’s mind that there is difference between deleting and uninstalling the application.

To delete the app is very easy. Just go on screen, click on the Dropbox icon and select quit. Now, drag it to the trash of applications and delete everything from your trash box.

Now, let us learn how to uninstall it.

Step 1

We must have CleanMyMac 3 installed in our MAC first. So I consider that you have this app installed. Now go to your application manager and open CleanMyMac 3.

Step 2

Second this you need to do is to open uninstaller from the all application manager.

Step 3

Search for Dropbox from all the applications. May be if you have a lot of apps than you need to scroll it to find Dropbox.

Step 4

Ok so you find it. Now click the tick left side of the app and go for uninstall it.

Step 5

If you have not close the Dropbox from your working manager yet than you will be asked for it with an alert.

So, this is how you can delete or uninstall Dropbox. To remove all the other applications the method will be same. Just you need to scroll for that application name in your uninstaller. Also, you must close the application before starting the process of uninstalling it.

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