How to plan a granny annexe

The fact more people are living longer has many consequences for the country, for the NHS, for the national pension pot and for the care system, to name but a few.

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One other result is that more and more people are deciding to look after their elderly parents or other relatives close to home by constructing so-called granny annexes.

Installing a self-contained annexe makes good sense for many householders, enabling them to have their relatives close at hand, where they can be looked after when needs arise, yet still letting them retain their independence. As an added bonus, granny annexes will also generally add value to most properties and have other potential uses too. According to The Telegraph, they are often used to house younger members of the family, such as teenagers, or older children who are unable to afford their own homes.

What are the options?

If you are lucky enough to have a large house, you may be able to easily transform a portion of it into a granny annexe without having to spend too much. All you need are a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, with ideally some other living space as well. Most properties are not big enough to do this, so some sort of extension is usually required. If you have a large garden, space on the side of your house or even a garage, you may be able to plan an annexe pretty easily.

Planning for elderly residents

If you are installing an annexe for elderly relatives, you will need to take their needs into consideration first and foremost. For instance, do the doors need to be wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair? Do you want to install ramps and rails, or even a lift if it is on more than one floor? If you are caring for someone with dementia, security and safety may be an issue too.

Financial implications

Aside from the overall cost of building or converting, you will need to think about obtaining planning permission, building regulations and council tax issues, and then weigh these against potential costs of care homes for your intended residents.

If you are considering a granny annexe, you may want to visit for some ideas.

Whatever your plans, make sure to do your research before going ahead.

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