So many materials to choose from

When it comes to the roof over your head, for most of us our biggest concern is that it keeps our house nice and dry, a few people look at the aesthetics of their roof, but it is primarily down to Gloucester Roofers like to know what the best roofing material is to use on your property.

When you look around any street, even in new build areas you will see a variety of building materials used both in the construction of the main building as well as the roof tiling materials. Some local authorities may stipulate which construction materials can be used and in other location the properties may be listed which puts other constraints on the types of materials that can be used, with many historic properties having to find similar materials to those originally used in the building construction.

If you are interested, here are some of the materials available to you through your roofing contractor.

Slate tiles

These types of roofing tiles were favoured by the Victorians, especially after the railways opening up cargo access to the slate quarries in Wales. Slate roofing was used in a variety of Victorian buildings including domestic dwellings, schools and even railway stations and churches. Sate has remained a popular choice throughout the ages although much of the slate used nowadays is imported from other countries such as Brazil and Spain.

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Thatched Roofs

Very few new properties are built in the United Kingdom with a thatched roof. Thatching is a craftsman’s art which is mainly used for maintaining and restoring existing thatched roofs. Having a thatched roof requires a lot of dedication and maintenance and properties are usually designed around the thatched roof.

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Green Roofs

A lot of new builds, particularly those in countryside areas are looking into the concept of green roofs. These are roofs that can be turfed or covered in other plant-based materials. In Scandinavian countries and closer to home in Scotland, the use of green roofs has been common place for decades, both for aesthetic reasons and also for its positive environmental benefits.

There are also many other options for roofing materials and it is important that whatever style you choose that you employ the services of a professional to fit the roof for you.

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