Renovations and extensions to add value to a property

When you run out of space in your current home, the obvious option is to move to a bigger house, but is that the most cost-effective answer? In general, homeowners are moving less than they used to, and this is partly due to high property prices in some areas, the cost of moving, and taxes.

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Some home purchasers find it harder to get a mortgage than they used to as mortgage lenders tighten up on lending criteria. There may just be too many hoops to leap through to get the sum that you need, and this causes a lot of stress.

Many families are therefore choosing to stay put and extend their current home. Here are some renovations and improvements that will make your living space more pleasant and that will add value to your property.

Staying in your current home

According to Howard Archer, chief economic adviser to the EY Item Club, people are understandably unwilling to take on the huge financial commitment of a new mortgage when the economic outlook is still quite uncertain.

It is understandable that they are carrying out renovations and improvements to make their living space more desirable. They are also extending to get more living space. This could be a full extension on the side or rear of the property. Others extend upward into the loft using loft conversions Bristol experts such as

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The financial incentive for improving your home

Home improvements will raise the value of your home if you live in an area where the property prices are high. Adding another bedroom is the best thing you can do to add more value. It will open up your house to more potential buyers when they use search portals online. Most potential buyers search by price and location, followed by the number of bedrooms.

A large, open-plan kitchen, complete with high-spec fitted units and appliances and bi-fold doors, is always popular and adds more value to the house than the cost of the work. However, a small rear extension with additional bedrooms and an en suite bathroom will add more. A loft conversion providing an additional bedroom and an en suite bathroom will add value to a property. Houses with more bedrooms are always going to be more desirable.

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