Key directions in digital signage

Firms make use of evolving technology to control and display content, with new methods continually coming on stream. Here are some of the most exciting developments in signage.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be employed by marketing departments to carry out routine functions. Tasks may include managing and monitoring the typical functions of signage. AI can also determine what content a specific customer sees. When the person is in front of the screen, AI will analyse their intention and decide upon the appropriate advertisement.


Restaurants are out in front when it comes to making their customers’ signage experiences interactive. Tabletop ordering now offers built-in gaming, and many restaurants thrive on providing interactive video walls. More restaurants are expected to provide interactive menus in future as they adopt the technology.

Retail marketing and direct advertising have also taken to the technology, with other industries expected to join the trend soon.

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In the UK signage solutions include

This web page explains how signage works.

Cloud-based deployment

A memory card is typically used to update media playlists when using signage players. The reason for this is that SD cards are cheap and reliable for use in different locations. Today, there’s a better way of doing this. The most cutting edge signage players use cloud technology, available everywhere. It is effective, secure and provides immediate and scalable implementation. Benefits to businesses include increased transparency and minimal maintenance costs.

More digital signage

It’s expected that soon most customer communication will occur through a display panel. Many businesses will want this technology in their stores to eliminate checkouts and queues. Smart displays will enable shoppers to make a purchase without the help of cashiers and attendants – all they need to do is use an app. This technology can even suggest product choices based on a customer’s preferences.

Mobile Integration

The smartphone is far from a rival to signage – mobile integration represents the future and is already improving outcomes. Smart devices engage with customers on varying personal levels, helping businesses to understand their client base. They deliver content after measuring customer impressions.

Airports already use digital menu boards, interactive maps and kiosks. Passengers may make payments through using their phones.

Signage is therefore fast becoming the technology to watch for the future.

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