Reasons to have a break this Easter

A few weeks after the New Year, our holidays of last summer seem like a lifetime ago. All the magic of Christmas is gone and all we’re stuck with is winter weather and feeling down in the dumps. The dark nights are becoming tiresome as we long for some sunshine. Thankfully, just as the drudgery of the first quarter of the year seems too much to bear, Easter comes to save us. Here are some compelling reasons why you need to take an Easter holiday:

  1. You have been working hard

Ever since the return to work after Christmas, you’ve been slaving away in the same office at the same desk, leaving after dark and back first thing in the morning. Where is the time for you to do something nice for yourself? It’s time to take a little ‘me time’ and have an adventure somewhere new to blow off the cobwebs.

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  1. Christmas really isn’t a relaxing break

For many, Christmas isn’t a time for relaxing and unwinding. There’s shopping, wrapping, cooking, cleaning, entertaining and of course, paying for it all! Christmas can be incredibly stressful for those organising it, so it’s high time you took a break that really involves relaxation. Get someone else to do the driving too with Coach Hire Dorset.

  1. Great deals

There are some great deals to be found on breaks at this time of year. Wherever you want to go – a short break in the UK or a beach vacation somewhere exotic – Easter is the perfect time to look for a bargain. For coach hire in Dorset visit Turners Coaches

  1. Your last holiday was almost a year ago

If you haven’t been away since last summer, then it’s almost been 10 months since you’ve had a break. It’s been 10 months since you last went away. If you didn’t get away last summer, then it’s been even longer! It’s time for a break, you deserve one.

  1. Breaks are good for you

Holidays are good for you, both physically and mentally. The stress of adult life can cause a host of health problems if left to build up without release. Getting away from it all is beneficial for your mental wellbeing and reduce anxiety and stress. A holiday also gives you the opportunity to come back refreshed and ready to face life’s challenges again.

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  1. Everyone needs a little adventure

Most people don’t have time for adventure at the weekends, as this gets clogged up with family commitments, laundry, ironing, housework, DIY and grocery shopping. Fun and adventure definitely ends up last on the ‘to do’ list. Family and work are the priority but its adventure and exploration that get the heart racing and make life interesting. You deserve a piece of the action as much as any other person, so what are you waiting for?

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