Who said that undertaking is easy?

I want to tell you my story, to break myths about what it is to take the decision to undertake.

If you think of a life without bosses, that you want to have free time and have economic freedom, I tell you that it is not as simple as it seems.

Bosses you will have many, each of your customers is your boss, and you should always try to exceed your expectations.

The best thing of all, is that every day you will go out in search of those bosses, because without them your business can not survive.

Free time, sure you will not have, what you should have is an exceptional organization to do the things you must do, because nobody will do it for you.

Something important also is that you will never know how to do things, how do I attract new clients? How do I give them the service they expect? For this you will have to do a lot of research, interact with clients, other entrepreneurs and as many people as possible who can give you their opinion about what you are doing.

You should be open to criticism, not everyone will understand what you do, nor will everyone like it, but you should be aware of these criticisms because you may have to change something in your business strategy.

I studied Business Administration in Argentina, and I always thought that I did not want to be an “employee” and I wanted to have a company.

I also ended up working in a multinational company, starting from the operator of a call center and becoming Manager of an area.

Although it was not my plan to make a career in a company, I appreciate all the experience I gained on good and bad practices in companies.

That experience because it helps me to have another vision of what a company is and how I want it to be mine.

Not to stop learning is never another important factor, to be inserted in this changing world. I studied a Master in Business Administration of E-commerce, because at that time I was working in the E-commerce area of ​​the company, and although I do not know if I will dedicate myself to be an E-commerce manager, today this education helps me knowing that all companies are digital or not, must have an online presence.

Today, with my partner, we are in a stage of a lot of work, in which we must look for clients, design different strategies to reach them, but above all a stage of much learning.

Is it worth undertaking? From my experience I say yes, because even if they spend many hours working, they will realize that the hours pass very fast because you are doing what you like.

This does not mean that I did not enjoy my work in the company, the truth is that I always had bosses who let me use my creativity and I always had the freedom to generate new projects.

In my opinion, you should not undertake to escape from a bad work experience, but because you really have the conviction that you can contribute to this society from another place.

Everyone should undertake? My answer to this question is NO and YES. No, because not all people are passionate about having their own company and prefer to be in a place where they feel more secure.

Yes, everyone can be an entrepreneur, because the entrepreneurial attitude can also develop within a company, being proactive and finding new ways of doing things, not feeling employed and giving all your talent to that company.

For those who do have the spirit of having their own business, I encourage them to do so. They may do well or badly, but in both cases they will have had a unique learning experience, which will take them to a next level in their lives.

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