Four benefits of serviced office space

The demand for serviced office space is continuing to increase thanks to the number of new startups being registered continuing to break records in the UK.

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Despite the uncertainty of Brexit, over 650,000 start ups were registered in 2016, with the UK still cited as a good place to start and grow a business, according to a report by

Fledgling companies that are not in the financial position of being able to buy an office are turning toward renting serviced spaces as a solution.

Networking environment

Since serviced office spaces are often available as numerous units within one building, this leads to a community of different businesses occupying the same building address. As neighbours, this helps startups network and build new business relationships.

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A Work-Life balance

Bringing small enterprises together under the same roof doesn’t just promote the chance for networking on the business side. Suites of conference rooms on-site means that you can book space to entertain clients or train your staff at no extra cost. Shared communal facilities such as staffed on-site cafes, gyms and showers promote the chance for employees of businesses to relax socially together, too, which is important for staff morale.


Serviced spaces often provide 24-hour CCTV, car parking spaces, and reception and facilities staff, allowing you to focus on running and growing your business without the expense of hiring extra staff or worrying about providing any amenities for visiting clients and guests.

A comprehensive work environment

The various serviced offices to let Basingstoke has to offer can be found through agencies like Whichever town or region you’re looking in, serviced office spaces are equipped to give businesses and their employees the best working experience possible, with their layout promoting better communication business-wise and the chance for employees to relax.

If you’re starting up a new business and need a small space in a buzzing work environment, or if you’re looking to grow your enterprise and move your staff into better working conditions, it’s worth considering taking up space in a fully serviced office building. While the cost might be higher than renting a basic office, the benefits to your business and your employees will prove to be a better value than if you had sourced the amenities yourself.

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