Is 90s-Style Make-up Staging a Comeback?

As with all fashion, make-up styles and trends have a habit of disappearing only to resurface again years later, and in 2019 make-up is all about the 90s!

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Making the best of your features, including cheekbones and full eyebrows, is popular, and going for natural beauty and more subtle shades is replacing the bolder look.


In the 90s dark-coloured liners in blacks or browns were found in every girl’s handbag. This time around, the colours are more natural-looking and complement lip colours.


In recent times it has been all about the brows – from painted-on thick black brows to tattooed brows and brows which have been plucked to obscurity. But the new must-have look is a much more natural-looking brow with natural arches. For some this may mean going through a spell of re-growth, but it will be worth it!

With London Fashion Week recently hitting the headlines, girl power is going from strength to strength, and statement clothing is again stealing the show.

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Eye Liner

Thick heavy eyeliner has had its day, but a soft colour close to the lash line can really emphasise the natural colour of the eyes. For nights out, liquid liners are great for adding that extra special little flick. Companies such as have a great variety of Lancome cosmetics to suit every look and a variety of online offers.


Heavy foundation is no longer leading the way, and instead women are using subtle bronzing products to target specific areas such as the cheekbones, jaw line and temples, which will give a more subtle appearance while still defining the shape.

Lip Gloss

Once the most essential item in a girl’s make-up bag, lip gloss has lost its popularity over recent years, but now it’s back. And with a lot of new shades hitting the shelves, you will be spoilt for choice.

Glitter Eye Shadow

More recently saved for discos and festivals, glitter paste is being worn on a variety of occasions and is sure to get you noticed as well as being easy to apply.

Investing in a good set of make-up brushes can really make a difference and add to the finishing touch. When trying out a new look, spend some time practising with different colours and techniques to see what works best for you.

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