Online Reputation Services: RoDog

RoDog is a new toy that mimics of having a dog at home. Online reputation services have been sought out by the company to create an online marketing strategy. The core strategy was to get tech reviewers to try out the product as well as a few potential customers getting it early in order to write their honest reviews about the product. RoDog was a big hit with reviewers and the lucky few who got it early. There was a special algorithm that was written to giving it an AI of dog. For example, it would wag it’s tail and greet you at the door when you enter. It would feel loved if you pet it or gave it attention and it would also feel sad and start to cry quietly if you’re purposely ignoring it.

The RoDog can play fetch and listen to simple commands just like any other dog. However, those are not the only tricks it has up it’s sleeves. Online reputation services also has the task of advertising the other jobs or roles the toy can have. The RoDog can be used as a baby monitor since it’s child friendly and has a built in camera that can be used from anywhere with a wifi signal on a smart device. It can also function as a mobile security camera and can program it to take specific routes for monitoring. For example, you can have it monitoring the main floor of your home at night and pick which routes to take. This also makes a great toy for any pet at home, whether its a dog, car, hamster or guinea pig; they will all enjoy playing with it just like any other toy.


Many of the reviewers told online reputation services that their dog or cat loved playing with RoDog. They were quite interactive with the toy and fed off it’s energetic vibe. One reviewer specifically stated how their dog is quite docile but became quite hyper after playing with RoDog for just fifteen minutes. Online reputation services have done a terrific job when it came to reaching out and listening to customer recommendations. They are planning on relaying that information and hopefully correcting a few minor details to make a complete and satisfactory product.

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