Reasons you don’t actually want to be an F1 driver

Fast cars, big pay cheques and championship trophies, the life of an F1 driver sounds quite something, doesn’t it? But when it comes down to it, this sport is a tough one and there are plenty of reasons why you don’t actually want to be behind the wheel.

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Intense training

We know that racing well takes practice, but the amount of practice F1 drivers have to undertake is intense. It’s not just racing round the track for fun, there are technical skills to learn, techniques to perfect, fitness goals to achieve and so much more. It’s a full-time job and training has to become a way of life.

Early nights

An F1 driver has to be at their peak the whole season, so that means a season of no fun. No late nights, no drinking and no letting your hair down whatsoever. Plus, as a famous racing driver, all eyes are on you at all times, so you can’t let loose without being spotted.

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From hanging out at the Monaco F1 Paddock Club to flying straight off to another continent, jet-lag follows F1 drivers all the time. A day spent at may be followed by a long-haul flight and an intense training session, and often drivers struggle to acclimatise themselves to new countries quickly.

So many fans

Fans are a good thing, but when there are hundreds of thousands of them you have to let some down. The long queues for autographs can get tiring, and being hounded while out and about is also exhausting. Never mind the paparazzi that are keen to snap you at unflattering angles or to dig up a scandal whenever they possibly can.

Bad crashes

Crashing is part of F1 but can be incredibly scary, and not something any driver wants to experience. A bad crash is often the worst possible thing that could happen in a race, and it may even put an end to your career.

Team talk

You can choose your friends but you can’t choose your teammates, so putting up with those who irritate or annoy you is an unfortunate part of the job. This gets even more frustrating when you are having an awful season and your gloating teammate keeps coming out on top.

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