Making sure you look after your back

Our backs play an incredibly important part in our ability to be able to move around and function in ur everyday lives. It is however one of the parts of our bodies that we don’t look after well enough and is why millions of people throughout the country are dealing with persistent back problems. Any issues with your back that do not resolve themselves in a few days should really be looked at by an Osteopaths Cheltenham company like

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There are some things that you can do to try and enhance the health and strength of your back and take care of your spine to help prevent any persistent back problems from occurring in the future. Most of these can be done with relative ease and can fit into even the busiest of daily lifestyles.

Watching what you lift and how you lift is an important part of caring for your bac as lifting items that are too heavy or incorrectly lifting products and not protecting your back when you do so it’s one of the biggest causes of back problems and back injuries. When you lift an item, you should first assess whether it is safe for you to lift on your own or whether you should enlist the help of someone else. Once you have assessed its weight you should then position yourself so you are standing as close to the object as you can. You should bend your knees rather than simply bending over as using the strength in your legs and knees is the correct way to lift an item without causing unnecessary pressure and strain on the back area. Once you have the item in your hands you can then slowly stand up, lifting the item with you. This way of lifting protects your back and helps to prevent injuries.

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Stretching a few times, a day is key to help keep your back and neck functioning correctly and maintaining the flexibility of the area. Keeping the area mobile can also help reduce the risk of injury. Sitting for long periods of time in the same position and working at a desk on a computer for hours on end results in stiff back, neck and shoulder joints. Regularly standing and stretching your back as well as raising your arms above your head stretches out these muscles and joints. This can also be achieved by having a generally active lifestyle and incorporating a mixture of cardio, resistance and stretch activities into your fitness regime.

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