Top tips for driving in winter weather

Driving during Winter weather is no fun for anyone and certainly is not as appealing as driving through the countryside on a Spring or Summer evening. Now whilst you may work in an office than enlists the services of a company like who offer Car Park Gritting, the roads, particularly those not on major routes, aren’t always cleared and can be a little harder to drive on. There are some great tips for driving in inclement weather and ensuring that you are prepared that you can follow and always make sure that you carry with you a winter emergency kit just in case.

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Looking after your battery and car electrics is especially important during the winter as there is more of an impact on them due to the need to have your windscreen wipers, lights and probably your heating running all at the same time. To help maintain the health of your battery you should ensure that all of your lights, wipers, radio and heating are turned off before you switch off your engine and if for any reason your car becomes difficult to start you should wait at least 30 seconds between each attempt in order to not flood the engine and further impact on your battery.

Antifreeze can be your lifesaver. Using this can help to prevent issues occurring to key components in your car when the weather drops to below freezing and the liquid in your car becomes susceptible the effects of the weather. It is important to keep an eye on your engine temperature when you are driving as if you find that it is beginning to overheat you should pull over and let the engine cool down and once the engine has cooled check whether your radiator has frozen.

Keeping yourself visible on the roads is very important during these darker nights and murkier driving conditions This includes ensuring that all of your lights are working, and the covers are cleaned of any dirt and snow, this is also applicable to your brake and indicator lights and you should also make sure that you clean your number plate of any dirt and debris. You can find yourself being fined if your lights and number plate are not clearly visible.

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As well as ensuring that you are visible to other drivers you need to make sure that your own visibility out of your car is as perfect as it can be. This means regularly checking your levels of screen-wash and ensuring that your windscreen wipers are in full working order as well as clearing any snow from on top of your car and scraping the ice from the windows and also the covers of your lights.

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