Jobs vs. Careers – Choose Your Path After College

Once you earn your online accounting degree, you will have several different employment paths. One, you can bounce from company to company doing different jobs. The alternative and better option is to find a good company and develop a career, as there are many benefits to doing this. Here is a look at a few of them.

After earning your degree, you will have many opportunities available. By selecting a job with a good company, you can receive exceptional benefits. Further, the longer you stay with a company the better opportunities you have at receiving bonuses, raises or promotions, which can help you build your wealth quicker.

Staying with a company can also provide you with security. Many businesses want to retain the best employees and when cuts loom, they will keep their most loyal workers. Therefore, by providing excellent job performance and showing your loyalty to the company, it may protect you during tough times.

Additionally, by developing a career it can help you be in a better position for advancement opportunities. Many companies look within their own organizations when promotions arise. Therefore, by working hard and staying loyal to that company your actions can pay off over time.

Along with advancement opportunities, over time a career can help you build seniority and help you gain different experiences from your work. Typically, the longer you work with a company the more involved you are in different projects. In turn, this can help you develop different skill sets and leadership traits that will enhance your fulfillment of the job and make you more marketable for projects and promotions. Meanwhile, if you bounce from job to job you are less likely to receive more responsibility, which can lead to more dissatisfaction in that position.

Furthermore, by staying with a company and being loyal to it over time, you are more likely to become satisfied in your role. In contrasts, those that only pursue work as a means typically become dissatisfied with their work quickly. Randstad states that 40% of employees are looking for new jobs within six months. The reason many continue on this job carousel is that they lack the perseverance needed to overcome obstacles in the workplace.

When you graduate with an online accounting degree, you will have many opportunities available to you. By choosing a good position and staying with that company, over time you can gain valuable experience, financial rewards such as raises and put yourself in a position to receive promotions. Furthermore, you can receive the fulfillment and security that comes with committing to a career.

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