Identity Guard Review – How Well It Monitors Your Digital Footprints

People are always concerned about their identity theft and look for ways to protect it. Before you fall a prey to hackers, sign up with an identity theft protection services. It will allow you to closely monitor your digital footprints. If something goes wrong, you will be get recover the loss incurred. Identity Guard has been providing comprehensive service of protecting your identity for over two decades now.

Identity Guard

What is identity guard? Identity Guard is a protection service that works towards keeping your sensitive personal information from getting stolen. It includes lost wallet protection as well as one million dollar insurance to cover the costs encountered, due to fraud. A security suite is also provided that can be installed on the mobile devices and PCs.

Valuable features of Identity Guard Protection Services

Security – Your credit scores are monitored at all the three credit bureaus. Public databases are monitored for information misuse on internet’s black market sites. In case, something suspicious gets detected, you will be cautioned via text or email message. Fraud alerts will not be conveyed to credit card bureaus, which has to be done personally, in case of real ID theft.

Recovery assistance – They are so confident about their product and services that they offer an insurance coverage of $1 million to the customers. Besides this, in case of lost wallets, it helps in credit card cancellations and attaining replacement IDs. Emergency cash up to $2,000 is supplied, which is an awesome feature for people away from home, whose wallet stolen is lost or stolen.

Protects information – All kinds of personal information like phone numbers, full name, address, social security number, and credit card details are monitored by the services. In addition, they keep track of your bank information and medical insurance. Your identifying information in public records, lease, and loan applications are also monitored.

Additional features – Today, computers are most common targets, so Identity Guard offers security program suite to their members. It includes PC antivirus software, and patented keyboard encryption software. For a little fee, your kid’s identity can be protected. It is essential because kids are more exposed to such kind of fraud.


  • Sign up process is quick. Fill in required information on the form, and get credit score report of three bureaus instantly upon sign up.
  • Customer support is availed via phone for 15 hours every weekdays and 9 hours on Saturdays.
  • Identity Guard provides mobile app, which helps members to stay connected. You can attain alerts or credit card information while on the go.


  • No support through emails
  • It does not include comprehensive family plan (you need to buy separate plan for kids and spouse)


The aim of Identity Guard protection service is to warn you as soon as possible about the fraud being carried out with you and get it resolved. Thereby, making sure that your identity is safe and not compromised.

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