Spooks of London – Hunting for Spirits in England’s Capital

Any city as old and as large as London is going to have some ghost stories. London of course has been a place that has suffered tragedies like the Black Death and the Fire of London, and has seen many brutal executions throughout its long history – so of course, there is little wonder that a city so rich in history is also rich in ghost stories…

The Tower of London – You can’t mention ghosts of London and not mention the Tower of London! Between 1100 right up until 1952, the Tower was used to imprison people that were especially disliked by the Royals! Many people, both visitors and employees at the Tower have seen and heard ghostly goings on. Due to the history of the Tower, there are said to be many famous ghosts lurking within – including Lady Jane Grey, Henry VI and Guy Fawkes! Anne Boleyn is a particularly active ghost who has been seen many times. The unfortunate second wife of Henry VIII, who ended up being beheaded at the Tower, has been seen walking around the tower carrying her head under her arm, and staring out from the window of the room where she awaited her beheading.

Putney Vale Cemetery – In 2013, a man named John Finch was visiting Putney Vale Cemetery when he felt cold air rush across the back of his neck and his head. When he felt this, he turned around straight away and took some photographs on his mobile phone – with one of the photo’s (see below) revealing what appears to be a ghostly woman. The locals of Putney, such as London SEO agency, http://www.elevateuk.com/ who are based in Putney, had better keep a look out for things that go bump in the night…

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The Spaniards Inn

This English pub in Hampstead has more than its fair share of tales to tell. Dickens immortalised it in the Pickwick Papers, and Keats wrote Ode to a Nightingale here over a couple of drinks. It was built in 1585, so has been around a long time! It is said to be haunted by the infamous British highwayman, Dick Turpin. He used to spend a lot of time here, planning and plotting his heists, and watching passers-by. His ghost has been seen both in the pub and around the area, on horseback. Some visitors have also reported a woman in white drifting around the inn, but her identity and relationship with the inn remain a mystery…


The Ragged School Museum

This old, Victorian school was opened in 1877 to provide children from the very poor Mile End area with an education. It was closed in 1908 as the surrounding area did improve, and it was no longer necessary. In 1990, it opened as a museum, offering a look into the world of Victorian classrooms. Many visitors to the museum have seen a lot of spooky events – even some poltergeist activity! The amount of ghostly activity has attracted paranormal investigators in their droves, who have reported ghostly orbs, screams and laughter and have even caught some of it on tape.

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