How to choose a kennel

Choosing a kennel can be a minefield when it’s time to book that family holiday. You want the very best for your pet and leaving them behind can be a stressful and upsetting experience for you all. That’s why it’s essential to feel 100% confident that the kennel you’ve chosen is the right one for your dog. Knowing the right questions to ask will make choosing a kennel much easier. Here are some tips on what to ask, what to find out and what to consider when looking at kennels:

Should I visit the Kennel?
Yes, absolutely. Getting a feel for the kennel is extremely important. Ideally, you want it to be odour-free, not over-crowded, not too loud, well -lit and with plenty of experienced and professional staff. Ask about staff to dog ratio, as the more staff per dog, the more attention your pet will receive. It should be clean and display excellent waste management to prevent the spread of disease. Ask if the kennel has web cams for you to check in on occasionally to see your dog.

Remember to ask about their procedures for different scenarios, how often the animals are walked and what they do in a medical emergency. If you are refused a tour at any time, don’t leave your pet there.

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What about the staff?
Are they attentive and have a positive attitude? Ask about the animals in their care, they should immediately be able to tell you every dog and/or cat currently in their care. Are you met by someone who shows a genuine interest in your pet and takes meticulous notes on their needs and behaviours? If not, you might think twice about choosing that particular kennel. They too should be asking lots of questions about your dog’s favourite things, diet, any medication and exercise needs. For top-quality Dog Boarding Surrey, visit

What are the opening hours?
A kennel won’t normally operate 24 hours a day, but you will want to know if the animals are checked on throughout the night. You will also want to make sure that the kennel is open when you want to drop off and collect your pet.

What about exercise?
Often you will need to pay an additional charge for exercise and walks, so make sure you know exactly what you’re getting for your money. Also find out how they divide the dogs during play time – whether it’s by size, age or behaviour. If your pet’s breed requires a lot of exercise, you’ll want to be confident that this need is being properly addressed.

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What if my pet has special requirements?

Pets with health issues or disabilities might not be catered for at every kennel so this could narrow your search. If your dog requires special attention or medication, ensure the kennel has a procedure in place so your pet gets their medication at the right time and you can feel confident that missed or double doses cannot occur. Always provide emergency contact details and the details of your family’s vet.

What about pet-sitting services?

If your dog has experienced extreme separation anxiety previously, they might be happier in the more personal and calmer environment of a pet sitter. However, depending on the length of your holiday, this can prove a costlier option and you might struggle to find a sitter available for the time you will be away.

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