7 Tips for Successful Garage Door Painting

Garage door materials have been extremely improved over the last years, but still natural phenomena, like the sunlight or the humidity, may cause wear and tear since the doors are exposed to the elements on a 24 hour basis. Their beautiful colors fade away over the years allowing rust to take over and start destroying them.

This problem results to terrible aesthetic results, but it’s not a main reason to proceed with garage door replacement. You can just repaint the garage doors choosing a different color that will match the exterior of your home. If you don’t have the time or it sounds as a hard job, you could turn to a professional company, like garage door repair Houston TX that can offer you valuable advices or take over the painting of the doors since they have the experience and the best equipment in town.

If you decide to paint the garage door on your own, you should read the following secrets that will make your life a bit easier.

  • The best seasons for painting garage doors are the spring and the summer. Of course, you should take under consideration the weather predictions before you plan this task since you never know if a sudden summer rain would ruin your plans.
  • Don’t attempt to paint the garage door parts, like the garage door opener for example, because the painting may cause problems to its proper functioning.
  • Think hard before you choose the color. Most colors look completely different in big surfaces and, hence, you should try different colors in small pieces of wood or metal – depending on the material of your door – to see whether it comes out nice or not. Different people have different tastes, but usually garage doors look better when they match with the colors of the rest of your house.
  • You must take the chance to replenish the whole place and check the condition of the door. It’s recommended to call a garage door service provider to inspect the garage door springs and proceed with garage door maintenance in order to be sure that the door operates fine.
  • Clean the door well. You can wash the door with soap and water while you must remove rubbish and leaves gathered in the tracks or the surrounding area. Make sure the door is perfectly dried before you proceed with painting, especially in the corners and at the bottom seal.
  • If you notice discoloration at some points, scrub the door with sandpaper to clean it well. If you spot signs of rust keep scrubbing till it’s completely removed.
  • Now that you have cleaned and maintained your garage door, you can start painting it. You can use special coatings for the primer that will protect the door from elements and then apply one or two hands of painting on the door. You must wait till the door is dried to repeat a second hand and if you’ll get confused, you could consult a professional expert.

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