Getting to Know the Right Knives for the Job in the Kitchen

Cooking has really become very popular with many people these days. After watching countless cookery programmes on television, we all want to try our hand at creating some tasty dishes.

We also want to try to recreate dishes we have tried on holiday to bring back a taste of the good times when we relaxed with family or friends in exotic locations. We are lucky that many of the ingredients used in other cuisines are readily available in the big supermarket chains, or we can buy them online.


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But as well as making sure we have all the ingredients we need; we must also have the right utensils.  Online commercial catering companies like 247cateringsupplies are one of many businesses who have an array of products available for your business.

Making Sure You Have the Right Kitchen Tools

When we start out, we might have a dinner service, a set of saucepans, a cutlery set and a block of knives, along with a couple of whisks or a blender. Over time, we find we need to add new utensils or replace old ones. It is always worth investing in the best utensils you can afford.

That sentiment is echoed by the Daily Telegraph, which advises that having the right tools can save time. It also says that no one wants to spend time trying to chop vegetables with blunt knives and that it’s important to have the right tools and appliances in your kitchen if you are serious about cooking.

You can find inspiration by looking at the kitchens of professional chefs on television programmes. You will see they always have a lovely range of saucepans, frying pans and woks for different uses. You’ll also notice that they have an impressive range of kitchen knives.

These knives all have different functions, so it is important to know which is right for you before you buy.

Three Essential Knives for the Kitchen

According to the Huffington Post, there are three essential kitchen knives. The first is an eight-inch chef’s knife for chopping vegetables or slicing meat. You’ll also need a paring knife, which is useful for peeling fruit, and a serrated bread knife, as no other knife will cut through soft bread.

In your cutlery drawer, as well as ordinary knives, it is worth buying separate steak knives for slicing into juicy fillets and fish knives for fish on the bone, for example.

You will need to keep your knives sharp, so buy a steel, which is basically a steel rod for sliding your knife up and down.

You can find a great variety of styles and colours to complement your kitchen. If you care for your kitchenware, your investment should pay off as your equipment will last for many years.

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