10 steps to a healthy happy pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time but also an important time for health. Here are 10 ways to improve your health and happiness throughout your pregnancy:


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1.      Choose the right midwife

Find a midwife who understands and supports your plans. You may want full medical assistance or a birthing pool, a home birth or a birth without pain medication. It is your choice.

2.      Be aware of symptoms

Study pregnancy so you know what is normal and what might be a warning sign. For example, nausea, cramps or burning during urination could all be symptoms of many things, so get anything checked out if you are unsure.

3.      Take your supplements

There are many supplements suggested for pregnant women, including folic acid. There are also various reasons why a pregnant woman would use a liquid iron supplement. Many women are low on iron and pregnancy means your body has an even bigger need for this mineral. Anaemia is a condition that can occur without sufficient iron, so to avoid the risk of anaemia could be why a pregnant woman would use a liquid iron supplement.

4.      Keep exercising

It is important to keep up your exercise throughout your pregnancy and maintain good fitness levels. Always check with your doctor first, but sensible exercise is normally advisable for expectant mothers, though you should take it easy in the final months.

5.      Avoid chemicals

Avoiding chemicals is important during pregnancy, so try to eat organic where possible and use natural healthcare and cleaning products.

6.      Watch your weight

It is natural and good to put on weight during pregnancy. However, check with your doctor how much weight is healthy, as too much extra weight could increase your risk of diabetes.

7.      Try to relax

Make sure you get enough sleep during your pregnancy, as a growing baby takes a lot of your body’s energy.

8.      Buckle up

Always wear a seatbelt in the car and buckle it across your pelvis below your stomach to maximise protection.

9.      Eat and drink well

Make sure you eat a varied diet, rich in all vitamins and high in fibre, to prevent constipation. Also, drink plenty of water to support your increased blood volume.

10.     Plan ahead

Plan ahead, so you are prepared for the birth and the days afterwards. Get your support network ready and prepare your home for the new arrival!

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