The 3 Best and Worst Entry Level Jobs

We’re going to go through three of the best and worst entry level jobs on offer.

  1. Best – Training Specialist

One of the best entry level jobs is that of a training specialist. In other words, you’re the person who gets to show everyone what to do. It’s your job to demonstrate the basics. Granted, you’ll also go through a training period so you can do this.

Expect to see a high starting salary and more opportunities as growth increases by 15% between now and 2022.

  1. Best – Web Application Developer

Seeing a web application developer job on this list is no surprise. It requires a high level of technical skill to get started, plus every company needs them. With an explosion of technology and an obsession with apps, this boasts a high starting salary. Even better, there’s an increasing number of talented developers going self-employed.


  1. Best – Network Engineer

Network engineers are also required by every company. In a society dominated by the Internet, IT experts like this can command high starting salaries. What’s particularly good about becoming a network engineer is senior employees can quickly find themselves flying up the pay scale.

  1. Worst – Oil Refinery Operator

Oil refinery operators at the entry level work long hours, carry out physical work, and get paid surprisingly little for it. The average is a mere $26 per hour. Furthermore, oil prices are 40% lower than average lately, so expect layoffs.

  1. Worst – Sheet Metal Mechanic

The problem with sheet metal mechanics is they’re never quite sure what they can earn. There are so many variables, including company size, location, experience, education, and industry, that you can’t know where you’re going to end up. The unpredictability makes planning for a career in this sector difficult, which is why it makes this list.

  1. Worst – Floor Assembler

Floor assemblers need to be in top physical condition to cope with this kind of work. Whilst it doesn’t require a college degree, you’ll have to be exposed to hazardous chemicals on a daily basis. There’s no getting away from that. It’s a real kick in the teeth if you did go to college and got stuck on the paltry $26,000 salary this job offers.

Of course, don’t take this list as gospel. It’s still possible to find yourself in one of the worst entry level jobs around yet make good in the future. A career is a long game. Unless you’re using a job as a stopping point, you have 40 or 50 years in which to turn it around. Don’t lose hope and keep trying to impress!

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