Should you buy a synthetic or natural carpet?

Carpet is comforting underfoot and adds to the luxurious feel around the home. It has been a popular choice for years. There are many decisions to make when choosing a suitable carpet. For example, you must consider your budget and whether you have a preference for wool or a less expensive synthetic fibre carpet.

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Budget can determine what carpet you choose

Synthetic carpet consists of man-made fibres, and there are many reasons that homeowners choose this type over natural fibres such as wool, including cost, durability, and strength of the product.

Nylon is easy to clean, resists stains, and holds its colour well. Polyester tends not to fade and can stand up well to stains. Polypropylene is a cheaper synthetic carpet that has top notch stain resistance. It also holds its colour well and does not fade in the sunlight.

Wool carpet isn’t as popular as nylon, but it can be the preferred choice. It does cost more, which is why it is sold in fewer numbers. It is soft and pleasant underfoot, is environmentally friendly, and serves as a natural dehumidifier. A wool carpet is naturally dirt-repellent and retains its colour well. It’s flame-retardant, too, which can make it a safe choice.

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Synthetic carpets are generally stain-resistant

If your main concerns are spillages and stains, synthetic might be a better choice for you. If a spill was left to soak into wool carpet, it would seep past the natural oils in the wool and leave a permanent stain in the fibre. A spill on a synthetic carpet can be dealt with using heavy-duty treatment. The stain usually doesn’t seep into the synthetic fibres.

Any mishaps can easily be dealt with efficiently. If you spill liquid on the carpet or you feel it needs a general cleaning, carpet cleaners Cheltenham can assist. Firms like can carry out a professional cleaning to make the carpet appear new.

According to Chronogram, choosing wool carpet may be the best flooring choice If you suffer from respiratory problems such as asthma.

If the carpet is going to be placed in a high-traffic area of the home, it is best to select a synthetic carpet. If, on the other hand, you’re laying it in a bedroom, you might want to choose a luxurious wool carpet.


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