Choose the Right Service for your Security Guard Needs

Security is one of the most important issues facing businesses today, yet it often remains overlooked. While building up a sound customer base and ultimately making a good profit is the goal which all businesses should be striving for, those profit margins can be seriously eroded if company security is lacking. Losses sustained through property and stock damage, in addition to theft, can make the difference between languishing in the red and existing happily in the black.

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For businesses looking to hire the services of a security company to protect their assets, the task of finding the right firm for the job can sometimes be tricky. After all, the levels of trust required on behalf of the business looking to hire security are very high, as they will be putting their livelihood in the hands of an outside firm.  You could kill two birds with one stone and get an Office Space Bracknell location for your business and not have to worry about security as the building would be safe and secure.  All you need to do is look at links such as to find out more.
If you are a business looking to hire a security guard service to protect your property and assets, here are a few pointers which may help in choosing the right company.

Use Reliable Sources

As with most other things today, the vast majority of research undertaken when checking into various company backgrounds is done online. Of course, anyone can set up a website these days, so common sense needs to prevail when assessing reputability and reliability. For the security industry, the most reliable and trusted source of information is the British Security Industry Association. This is the main trade association for the private security industry within the United Kingdom and should be one of the first ports of call when looking to assess a security firm’s suitability.

The BSIA site has a search function which allows visitors to search through its list of members. Whether you are looking for security guards in Belfast, Cardiff, London or anywhere else in the UK, choosing a firm listed with the BSIA is a wise move.

Check for Accreditation

All security firms in the UK, along with individual security guards, must have official SIA accreditation. While all reputable security services,, will be in possession of all of the required levels of licensing, there are some firms out there without any. If a company cannot prove its accreditation, then leave well alone. It is just not worth it.

Assess the Levels of Service on Offer

As with any other business partner, you will want your chosen security service to provide you with the very best service possible. When assessing a firm’s suitability, make sure you take into account their levels of service. For example, you can gain great peace of mind by knowing that your security service is contactable 24 hours a day. If the company also offers its clients access to a live online portal, detailing incidents and activity as they happen, then this is all the better. Security companies which offer an expansive range of services may not be the cheapest but will probably offer the greatest value to your business in the long run.

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