Carpet Stain Removal Tips

Many chemical substances are found in our worlds and many of them are also in our foods and drinks. The common efforts of independent organizations and authorities of State to eliminate these substances from the market have made some progress, but most houses in City still have today many liquids, which contain chemicals. From several liquids for our cars or detergents for home maintenance to ordinary food and candy, everything can be hazardous and, thus, when spilled on carpets can make terrible stains. Stains always give us a hard time when we do home carpet cleaning, especially if they are stubborn and never get off of our expensive handmade rugs.

Don’t postpone stain removal for another day

Most of the times, if we react fast we can manage to prevent the spreading of the stains and remove them completely.

  • If you drop food, collect it with a spoon and apply a clean cloth on spilled liquids. Remember not to rub the spot to avoid spreading the stain.
  • When you remove the food or absorb the liquid, you can use a clean cloth, which would be soaked in warm water, and clean the area. If the stain doesn’t come out, you can add some detergent in the water or white vinegar, which has the property of cleaning and absorbing bad odors. If you own Persian rugs and see that the detergent affects the colors, you must use plain water for their cleaning.
  • Let the spot dry well and inspect it again. If you detect any discoloration or the stain hasn’t removed properly, you must repeat the whole rug cleaning process once more.
  • When the dirty rug cleaning is completely and the rugs are dried, you must vacuum them to collect bits and pieces, which may have been hiding among fibers.
  • When the entire residential carpet cleaning procedure will be over, nothing will remind you that once there was a stain at this particular point. In any other case, you must repeat the process as many times as necessary until the stain will be successfully removed.

The importance of regular house carpet cleaning

Even if you don’t have an urgent stain situation, you must know that over the years your carpets will surely have gained some stains, which you never detected in the past that can mess with their colors and fibers. This scenario is mostly possibly if you have kids at home that can easily make a mess or pets that can bring dirt with their feet, leave lots of hair and make a mess on your carpets daily. The dirt and odors from the pets will create an unpleasant atmosphere and put your health at stake. If you need to do pet stain & odor removal, you can use vinegar for the stains and baking soda for the odor. They both absorb nasty smells and can make your rugs look healthy, purified and beautiful again. You can find many advices about residential rug cleaning in many blogs and sites in the internet.

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