10 Ways to Use a Summer House

How can you use a summer house to enrich your life and benefit your family?

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A Gardening Hub

A summer house can provide much-needed safe and dry storage for gardening tools, especially electrical ones. You could also add a small terrace, which is perfect for relaxing on a deck chair to admire all your green-fingered hard work.

Perfect for Parties

A garden party is always a fun event for family and friends to get together. With Britain’s unpredictable climate, it is useful to have an indoor space to house food, drinks, napkins and utensils.

A Garden Office

With the daily commute to work now a two-hour slog on average, escape the rush hour and create your own tranquil place of calm to work. Create a space away from your busy home life that will enable you to concentrate fully on your work. Summer houses in Northern Ireland will particularly benefit from the beautiful, natural surroundings.

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A Guest House

A summer house with a shower, sink, heating and a bed could be a great addition to your home. As a place for friends to stay or even to rent out to paying guests on rental websites, a summer house can add value to your home.

A Sanctuary for Teenagers

If you live with teenagers, you know they enjoy having their own space. Summer houses, such as summer houses in Northern Ireland, can serve as extra bedrooms for children.


Summer houses can be used as workshops or for the storing of tools.

Storage Space

We often find our homes overflowing with furniture and objects that we cannot bring ourselves to throw away. Summer houses can provide some much-needed storage space to free up room in your home.


There are a myriad of possibilities with a summer house. Whether it’s for quiet meditation, as an office to set up a business, or extra storage, a summer house is an investment.

Creative Space

Summer houses, like summer houses in Northern Ireland, can look very decorative in your garden. They can be picturesque buildings furnished with your own personal style and serve as creative spaces for painters and writers.

A Space of Calm

Whether for meditation, yoga or relaxing, a summer house could be the perfect space to feel comfortable, safe and uninterrupted.

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