How to find a quality mens shirt

There are far easier ways to discover a high quality dress shirt from a poor quality one.  Forget fancy commercials and campaign budgets. To find the best ways to identify a shirt worth buying as an investment piece, look at patterns and yokes, collar stays, and cloth. You could also go to Ralph Lauren Menswear at EJ Menswear

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  1. The perfect Yoke

A yoke is the first thing to look for. This suggests that there are two bits of cloth in the shirt that run together behind the collar to form the yoke. The cloth should be cut on the bias, which gives the front of the shirt a neat appearance. A greater range of motion length-wise is provided by the bias cut, so you get more movement freedom.

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  1. The importance of the Neckline and the collar.

To project a good form of the shirt as a whole, the collar  itself must be perfect. A suitable strong material  holds the collar straight and rigid. They can also be starched for strength as well. A flappy weak collar is an indication of a poor cut and material used.

  1. Outstanding Cloth

It is important to make every cotton shirt from high quality cotton cloth. For a high quality shirt, a high thread count is important as this holds the cotton thick. It’s safer to have two layers of a shirt because it offers a great feel. The finest quality shirts are made from plain materials of the highest quality and not polyester combinations.

If you are a dab hand at stitching (unlikely), you can even have a go at making your own shirt. There are plenty of online shirt patterns and collar patterns that show you how to make a shirt of your own but you’re probably better off with the link above.

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