Make sure you have these items for your new puppy

Having a new puppy enter your family is an exciting time for anyone but there are some key items to make sure that you have ready for when they arrive.

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Collar & lead

A collar contains important knowledge about identity that will ultimately have a lead attached to it. The first collar would hopefully match well, not too tight but also not too loose. Between the collar and your puppy’s ears, you should be able to put two fingers. These become relevant for managing walks and obedience training when you start using a lead. A decent pair of Designer Dog Collars from Iwoof is heartily recommended.

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Warm Bed

For all pets, a warm, dry and comfortable bed is a must and can be put inside a crate to make it feel cosy. For extra comfort, there is a wide variety available, including fleece-covered or sheepskin beds.


Food and Water Bowls

Your new pet would need, of course, several vessels to eat and drink from. They come in all colours, fabrics, sizes and patterns, so choose something practical that fits the décor of your home. Plastic is typically the cheapest choice.


Appropriate Diet

Puppies may be tiny and adorable, but for growth, all that energy requires a lot of calories. For the first year, they will be on a specially formulated diet that offers the nutrients they need to grow a healthy skin, coat, bones and organs. Most pet food companies make these growth and development diets, but if you’re unsure which to order, talk to your vet or pet shop.

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