Tips for Moving with Baby

Trying to move house when you have a baby may be an off-putting thought but it is possible, and a lot of parents do it every day of the year and don’t lose their minds! The following are some tips for planning the logistics of a move as if it were a military campaign to make sure it all runs like clockwork.

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Make a list

Lists can be your saviour and help you avoid wasting time hunting for things. Pack non-essential things and mark the baby box ‘nursery’ so that you can quickly find what you need. Important items should be placed in a separate bag and put to one side to take with you on the day of the move. Some items you may want to include are:


baby wipes


high chair or rocking chair

blanket and a few favourite toys

formula or food / juice


bottles and steriliser


pushchair or pram

car seats

any medication

Do not be afraid to ask for help. You’ll have your hands full with a baby as well as moving so ask for help from a babysitter, relatives or friends. How much help you need will depend on your child’s age. A baby who sleeps most of the day will be easier to handle than a lively toddler. Get help with House Removals Essex, Relocate Removals provide house removals in Essex.

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Maintaining an essential routine for you and your baby is very important. It will not be easy to stick to normal routines, but a level of consistency will benefit you both. A routine will help your child feel safe, which is really important during the move.

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