Tips for creating content for your SME

The ideas are exhausted. But your company is very much alive. The content is king and although old, an advertisement on television meant keeping alive the memory of customers, our company, now we have to keep awake interest daily.

There are no magical items, like potions, but a planned and steady work. Writing is a discipline which Mireia Belmonte and if we get the gold, you have to work hard every day.

We all love stories. Gabriel García Márquez was alluding to the stories he heard small mouth of their elders. Stories are easy to retain and, simultaneously, cause emotions.

Tips for creating content for your SMEWhat is the history of our company?

Otorguemos a visible place within the contents, our history. How did our company? Are we a family business? Young entrepreneurs who strives to achieve your goal? A day we decided to change my life professionally and we now live our hobby?

Do not let any emotional detail, full of effort, with names, and the happy ending. The good stories and bad, to succeed they are essential. We all love the fighters who fall and rise to continue growing professionally and personal.


Cold reading content, which only provide data, we can go to the website of the company. But if we connect with our customers, that full engagement occurs, we show how we work, who our employees. If the customer is the most important, the worker ditto. Let both establish that connection.

Both in our blog, and social networks that we are present, give an important role to enable SMEs to succeed, and that the product or service we offer our customer reach. I always told in a fun and easy way.


As long as possible, use humor as part of the content will be a safe bet. Laughter is contagious, it becomes tacks. We separate the information prepared? No, but you can alternate with a funny picture, a word game, a video that entertains. It includes the time of relaxation, so that not everything is talk about yourself.

Never forget the person we are talking

Content for “Pedro Martinez Rodriguez”, that user representing all our customers, is generated a profile that we know perfectly: his tastes, what you like about our company, what fault finds us what you love about our publications.

He represents the niche that we go so you have to offer something that is in our industry, you are up and you need to know.

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