Can maca help to build muscle?

It is safe to say that we have become a lot more health-conscious Aa the years have gone by, with athletes and fitness-lovers turning to a more natural way to improve their performance. Whilst at the gym, you have probably heard the terms ‘whey protein’ and ‘soy protein’ thrown around; now, there is a new food making its way to the front of the natural fitness class. Make way for maca!

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What is maca?

Maca is a root vegetable grown in the High Andes in South America and has been a staple food for hundreds of years. It is jam-packed with nutrients and is the best food for increasing and balancing hormones. Maca provides a natural way to boost your energy levels and can really help when trying to build muscle. The best way to consume maca is by taking maca powder, as this is easy to mix into smoothies and drinks; what’s more, it is vegan-friendly. Alternatively, you can take maca capsules if you think this will work better for you.

How can this tiny root vegetable help with muscle gain? Maca powder or capsules help to build muscle in several ways:

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Energy raising

Maca raises your energy in a balanced way. When you eat carbs or sugar or drink caffeine, the energy you get lasts a short while but you can soon come crashing down. One serving of maca maintains a high energy level for several hours in a sustained and consistent way.

Source of good protein

Maca is anabolic, which means that it increases muscle mass. Maca contains 4g protein per tablespoon. The average amount of protein needed for a bodybuilder is 1.5g for 1kg of body weight; however, this is based on protein from animal products. Vegan and vegetarian bodybuilders do not need as much protein because the body can break it down faster. A mere two tablespoons of maca a day will add 8g of natural protein to your diet.

Hormone balancer

Maca is not only anabolic but also an adaptogen, which means it adapts to the specific needs of each body based on health and gender. Maca stimulates the production of hormones in a balanced way, whether testosterone for men or oestrogen for women. This is a quality that is unique to maca.

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