How to overcome 3 obstacles that block the company

What are the brakes that prevent many startuppers to realize their dream?

Block 1! The world is not waiting for me

The global world has given and gives so many opportunities to those who want to do business, but the offer of products and services is enormous, in every sector. If you want to offer new products and services, you have to get a niche and adequate profit margins.

To do this, look for the largest possible amount of information on the market you want to enter. Professional associations are a precious source. Ask them for market research, economic data, funding channels … Documented on potential competitors. Ask for support: training, tutoring, support from consultants and technicians, comparison with other entrepreneurs, collaboration in the start-up phases, hospitality in coworking areas or at reduced costs.

Block 2! I have no money or not enough

It is an almost insurmountable obstacle. Banks knot the codons of the stock exchange. Loans are granted at unreasonable rates. You put your capital here. Engage family, relatives and friends. But it is not enough. And without money you do not do business.

However, you do not have to find all the money right away: divide the project into progressive stages. Collaboration between groups of professionals, the barter of products and services, crowdfunding, can help you reduce costs and find capital. On the other hand are the small funds for new companies created under 35 : for example, the MarcoPolo of Confcommercio helps you in finding financing and facilitations.

Block 3! How can I create something new?

Innovation is the key to the success of a new business. Everyone repeats it. But how to find something new? You shame, but you’re not Einstein or Steve Jobs. And so you stop.

Yet innovation does not necessarily mean invention. You can bring innovation by updating or improving established processes, in production, in commerce or in services. It is the easiest path, practicable by anyone who applies to a sector and seeks solutions to renew it. With the use of already available technologies. An example: the inclusion of automation in the order intake in restaurants, with touch screen terminals, mobile phones. The process is speeded up, with a reduction in personnel, customer satisfaction and a return to image.

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