How to handle irrational moments of a negotiation

Realistically, when a negotiation is established, it not always acts in a rational way and in the end they can be a source of unnecessary conflict.

Sometimes an argument, apparently friendly, can become unpleasant and tense in the blink of an eye.

When your partner and you are not seeing the matter with the same eyes, not worth forcing the other person to accept your point of view by threats and coercion sterile.

How to handle irrational moments of a negotiationTry to frame both the implications as natural consequences , it is more useful to be plotting a calculated revenge.

Who has not fallen into the temptation, in a tense moment during a negotiation, blurting something like “Do it and we’ll see you in court!” Instead of, “You understand, which I feel obliged to defend the interests of my company. “

The meaning is the same but the way of enunciating it relaxes the tension of the moment, instead of enhancing it .

In fact, no one apologizes to protect their own interests but, yes it is by pouring threats as artifice of trading .

Share the potential consequences natural, reassuring the other party in our desire to avoid them and show our willingness to continue the negotiations, always gives better results than threats to promote such an irrational and unnecessary pulse.

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