Interior design trends to look out for

If you’re thinking about making a few changes to your home this year, you may want to know what ideas you need to be following if you want your home to be bang on trend. Natural lighting is a big trend and having Aluminium Bifold Doors in your property that allow for as much natural light as possible will help to create a beautiful atmosphere in your home as well as accent the items that you have in the interior. To help you out, here are six of the biggest trends in interior design this year.

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This doesn’t mean just thinking about carbon footprints and environmentally friendly materials but also encapsulates a need for designing organically and creating spaces with a sense of timelessness in mind. This means that whether you are searching for windows Dublin or looking for new furniture for your London home, you can create a home that is naturally sustainable, as well as being timelessly stylish.


People increasingly want tangible things to bring them comfort during a period of political unrest in Britain. This means that items offering a nostalgic feel or pieces echoing simpler times can offer a sense of authenticity right now. Find out more about the current political situation in the UK on the BBC news website at

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You could choose from a selection of modern furniture and team traditional styling with more modern embellishments to fit in with the neo-traditional trend. Don’t be afraid to mix eras or team structural pieces with primitive elements for a really interesting effect.


It has never been more important to add an element of yourself when making interior design changes. Don’t fear mixing old and new or choosing pieces that appeal to your heart as much as your head, as this will result in an interior that really reflects your individuality and personality.


Upcycling originally felt a little twee at times, but the new trend is in creating exciting, inventive and unexpected results. If you can’t do it yourself, take a look at the likes of Etsy, where dealers galore are offering beautiful pieces that will look after your home as well as the planet by focussing on recycling rather than throwing perfectly usable items away.

Comfortable Luxury

The noughties were full of luxurious design trends, from bling and gloss finishes to sharp lines and sleek selections. Thankfully, if you like comfort, these ideas have mellowed a lot. Today, luxury must also be matched by comfort, meaning that items should feel good as well as looking great.

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