How does a roof get damaged?

There aren’t many things as destructive to the interior of a property than the damage from water, such as leaks, marks, damp and damage to the décor. This is why it always pays to keep a regular eye on the health of your roof, so you can nip problems in the bud before small leaks turn into big damage.

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The main causes of roof damage include:

Extreme Weather – Any extreme changes in the weather can lead to blistering, buckling or cracking of roofing materials. High temperatures, sub zero or rain can cause these problems, leaving areas of the roof exposed so water can get in. Gales can tear roof tiles and slates, leaving underneath materials vulnerable to damage. Storms or hurricanes can rip the materials from where they are attached.

Corrosion – Some roofing material will corrode over time. This can occur in areas where there is no ventilation, such as chimneys, flashings and valleys. Wherever corrosion strikes, this will eventually result in damage to the roof. For help from Industrial Roofers Norwich, visit a site like Modbay, suppliers of Industrial Roofers Norwich

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General wear and tear – Over time, all of them suffer from wear and tear and if your roof is old, it can simply be a natural disintegration of the materials as they age. The roof is the first defence against all elements and also takes a lot of traffic over the years from birds, squirrels, cats and other small animals. Wind gusts can also blow leaves, branches and other detritus into your roof.



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