How to ensure a shirt is properly fitted

When it comes to buying a nice shirt, whether a work shirt or Farah Shirts like the ones from you will want to make sure that it fits properly. There is nothing worse than a shirt that gaps open at the waist or one that appears to simply hang off your body.

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Here are some top tips for ensuring that your shirts fit perfectly every time:

  • Collar – the collar should be comfortable enough that you can slide two fingers inside it when it is fully buttoned up.
  • Shoulders – the seam of the shirt at the shoulder should join at your shoulder bone.
  • Arms – the armholes should be located that you can fully raise and lower your arm without any restriction and without too much movement from your shirt. You should be able to move naturally.

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  • Middle – your short should not fit closely to the skin and you should have around 1.5-2 inches of fabric available at either side.
  • Sleeves – your sleeves should end at the crease of your wrist. This is the point at which your hand and wrist join. For short sleeves your sleeves should end inline with your pectoral muscles.


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