Audi Q5 Hybrid: An SUV Without Bad Fumes

Apart from this novelty, the first hybrid in series of Audi is all simplicity. A TFSI four-cylinder engine with 211 hp and a parallel- powered 45 hp electric engine and a Tiptronic eight-speed gearbox are fitted. With a total power of 245 hp, the complete hybrid can be set at 100 km / h in 7.1 seconds and consume less than seven liters. The lithium-ion battery, with a capacity of 1.3 kWh, has autonomy to run only with electric power up to 60 km / h and its EV button allows it to propel itself smoke-free. In other respects, the Q5 works just like other competitors hybrids: Start-Stop system and regenerative energy, which takes advantage of the force in the braking phase. All signs on the new indicator next to the speedometer.

Almost like using a video game

It is a luxury to be able to really participate in the game of efficient driving and try to keep petrol consumption at bay. The first reason is that unlike other hybrids on the market (in which the conventional motor is connected as you go a little faster), here you can gently circulate only in electric mode at speeds more than acceptable for the city or the roads Stuck.

The second reason is based on two very original elements that help you become aware of what you have in your hands: the scoreboard and the screen of the center console. Nothing more to start, the silence is absolute in totally electric mode. If the batteries are sufficiently charged, the rev counter needle is set to Ready, in the first quarter of the left watch (at the point where any combustion car would have 10,000 revolutions at idle). From there, you can manage it normally and try not to get past the green zone, so you do not skip the gasoline mechanics. Of course, if you decide to step on the accelerator and squeeze the benefits of the turbo (the TFSI of the VW Group stretches as well as ever), do not be afraid: the needle will move to the top of the clock until you mark Boost, but it is normal.

Two very ‘discrete’

“Features a six-cylinder in one of four … and cleaner.” This is the philosophy that Audi has followed throughout the development of this Q5. And it has succeeded, with an extra touch of elegance and style that is not only limited to the interior finishes. Its dynamic qualities are, in fact, more than remarkable for an SUV with such weight. The well-known Quattro traction of the house contributes to the car responds very well on sliding surfaces. But the best (and most novel) is the way in which the gasoline engine and the electric go into action, without jerks, sudden losses of power or annoying mechanical noises, as in an almost perfect dialogue without raising the voice in any Moment (although that of gasoline is something more hoarse when it whispers).

Therefore, if you are the only one who understands sportsmanship with a tremendous roar of leaks, perhaps this is not your car. But if the real goal is to consume as little as possible and release a few pollutant emissions into the atmosphere, would you prefer to hear under the hood the rattling of a heavy turbodiesel every time you stop at a red traffic light?

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