What does the future hold for e-commerce and web design?

Think back years ago, when shopping involved navigating around crowds and standing in the long checkout lines. That changed a few years ago when the internet became the most convenient way to shop, research, do business and meet people.

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The internet has grown throughout the years an overwhelming amount – http://www.internetworldstats.com/emarketing.htm. With such drastic changes over recent years, what could the future hold for e-commerce and web design?


It might surprise you to learn that only 47% of the world can access the internet. It has risen 4% since 2016 and will continue to rise in the coming years. South America and Africa are two of the countries that have the lowest internet usage in the world, but it’s thought that they’ll soon have a lot more.

Developing technology and faster connections will continue to encourage businesses to move online, making shopping experiences even more convenient. E-commerce businesses will be able to get customers to purchase more, due to the speed their websites offer and technology is always reaching new levels, and 3D printing could be used one day for people to try on clothes, using their phone.

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Web design

Loading times are a problem when designing web pages for customer use. Faster speeds will mean websites can add more features and unique aspects while still achieving a reasonable loading speed. Web developers will also be able to experiment with ambitious ideas, and websites could see a huge change in aesthetics and features.

Small businesses will benefit from the increasing speeds, and web designers will become more in demand. If you’re a business owner, it’s worth investing in a website now, to avoid inevitable costs in the future. Companies offering web design in Kent, such as http://www.eqmedia.co.uk/ can create a website for you and assist you in making future decisions.


Privacy is the most significant concern of internet users. A study showed that 86% of people want to know if their information is being passed on to third parties and 79% are concerned if they have privacy while online. New technology will have to be used ensuring that privacy can be upheld.

The future looks bright for technology, and with more of the world moving online, businesses and web designers could be looking forward to times of profit and prosperity.

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