Three Ways to Improve your Home this Autumn

Autumn is a good time of year to give your home a bit of a makeover -as the weather starts to change so do our lifestyles, so as we do in the Spring, giving our home a bit of love is a good thing to do at this time of the year.

Preparing for the worsening weather, as well as creating a comfortable and cosy place to spend time away from the cold helps us to get through the worst that winter throws at us – here are a few ideas for your autumn home makeover…

Spruce up the Kitchen – The heart of the home becomes even more important during the winter months when comfort foods like stews become something that we all look forward to when we get home. Change the colours of tired looking kitchen cupboards by giving them a fresh coat of paint, or spruce up the floor with something like this engineered wood flooring

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Keep Warm – Making sure that your home is warm and cosy in the winter is important, as a cold home has many negative health implications, especially for infants and the elderly. Hypothermia and pneumonia are just two problems caused by inadequately heated homes. Have your boiler checked to make sure it is working, bleed the radiators and keep the home well insulated to keep the cold outside.

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Don’t Forget the Garden – Although you probably won’t want to sit out there at this time of year, don’t neglect your garden – give it a tidy up to get rid of those autumn leaves, cut back bushes and shrubs and plant spring bulbs for next year.

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