How to Style a Plain White T-Shirt

If there’s one garment any man should make sure he has in the wardrobe, it’s a plain white t-shirt. It’s a staple item for the wardrobe, perfect for any weather and for most styles. Use it in the summer for a cool look on its own, or in the winter months pop it under a flannel shirt, sweater or hoodie, depending on the occasion.

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The plain white t-shirt is the most versatile item to have, as you can style it with anything. You can keep it simple, dress it up or down and create a summer or winter look or something relaxed or more formal.

When you’re putting your staple items together, do some research on what looks you want to go for. There are some great ideas here of how to style a t-shirt:

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Get Good Quality

Choose your t-shirts from a good supplier so you know you have something that is good quality. Not investing enough in good t-shirts means you may end up with items that lose their shape easily, with smart crew necks becoming baggy. This is an item that you are planning to wear a lot. You can choose great t-shirts from Lyle & Scott and you know you’ll be getting value for money.

Create Different Looks

If you just want to wear the plain t-shirt, you can style it with other trousers for different looks. Match it with jeans or pair it with shorts or cargo trousers. For a relaxed casual look, just tuck it into a pair of joggers.

Invest in a number of white t-shirts, as they are so useful for your staple wardrobe. You can choose from a wide range at Lyle & Scott, whether you’re looking for plain crew necks or something with a bit of design around the neck. Browse through the t-shirts on offer at Lyle & Scott clothes from EJ Menswear and see how you can put a range of stylish looks together.

Layer the T-Shirt

For colder months wear the t-shirt with other layers. Put the t-shirt under a flannel shirt with the top button open. Wear it under a sweater, cardigan or blazer. You can get a great look with a t-shirt under a waistcoat. Experiment with the t-shirt under different styles of jackets or coats, from casual denim jackets or bomber jackets to more formal overcoats or blazers.

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