Oak Buildings and Timber Framed Extensions

If you want to build a great looking home or even expand or alter your existing home, you should look into getting oak extensions from places like Timberpride. The fact is oak is among the most popular wood options for your home. There are many different reasons why people decide to use these for their home or office. Many homeowners choose this type of wood because it looks very beautiful, and it is also very durable. In fact, oak wood is among the hardest woods that can be used for furniture, so it is very resilient. The natural look of the wood that is used to make an oak extension is what makes this such a great choice for your home.

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If you are building a new home, then oak extensions are the perfect way to add that wow factor that everyone is craving. With the right oak framing and design elements, an office or other building will look amazing. An oak extended buildings will certainly add value to your home as well. Also, an oak framed extension is very appealing to the eye, which is why so many people decide to use this type of wood for their home. If you have an existing building that has a lot of character and has never really been remodeled or refurbished in many years, using this material for your new extensions will really allow you to create a stunning look that will make everyone who comes to see your home want to stay.

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Many people also use these spaces for their garden rooms. People love the way that timber frames look, and they have such a gorgeous natural colour that can match any colour scheme. Some people prefer a more natural and woodsy look when they have their garden rooms, so using green oak and dark brown shades of timber is definitely a winner if you are trying to create this type of environment. The great thing about green oak and dark coloured timber is that they look great next to other types of wood, like cherry and pine.

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