Is it Time for you to Move to the Countryside?

If you have always lived in the city but are now hankering after a life in the peace and quiet of the countryside, there are definitely a few things that you should think about if you have lived in the city for a long time. But there are also a lot of advantages to living out in the countryside…

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One of the best things about rural living is all of the fresh air and green space that is available right on your doorstep. This is great for people who are stressed or anxious, as walking in the countryside is a great way to unwind, as well as having lots of other health benefits.


Because lots of places in the countryside are quite rural, you may want to consider the things that you take for granted in the city. For example, lots of rural homes are not connected to mains sewage so you will need to find someone like this septic tank emptying Solihull based company to come and remove your sewage for you regularly.


It is also worth considering how you will get around – if you are used to getting the bus or the tube everywhere, it is definitely worth taking your driving test and getting a car before moving to the country. Rural locations don’t have as regular public transport and you may find things like shopping at the supermarket difficult to do without your own car.

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If you prefer peace and quiet, a slower pace of life, and will not miss the nightlife in the city, then the countryside will probably be the place for you. But you should do plenty of research into the area before you commit and think about how you will manage on a day to day basis.

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