Embracing the Dark Side – How to Pull Off a Dark Coloured Kitchen

Darker colours and decorative wallpapers are having a bit of a moment in 2020. This modern take on the Victorian era of design is inspiring many people to step away from the non-descript greys and beige colours that have been on trend for so long and start to inject a bit of atmosphere and colour into their home.


The kitchen often described as the heart of the home is a great place to start. Kitchens look fantastic styled in darker colours and you can use dark colours with all sorts of styles – from ultra-modern minimalist kitchens to the more rustic looking kitchens. For some inspiration, have a look around and speak to professional companies such as this kitchens Swindon based company.


Black is not often a colour that people think of painting their kitchen but done well it can make a kitchen look modern and inviting. Paired with paler cabinets, such as white for a striking monochrome look, or a soft grey, it is a fantastic way to give your kitchen a modern edge.

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Royal blues and deeper blue hues are also a great colour choice, and as blue is a calming colour it brings a warm feeling to the room. Twinned with cream coloured cabinets, it makes a kitchen look modern and clean as well as being great for families.

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Another alternative is to keep the walls very light and go with darker coloured cabinets. This can work well in smaller kitchens, as well as having the bonus that the cabinets will not show the dirts as much.

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