Would you know what to do in a fire?

Being caught in the fire is the worst nightmare of every person. Most of us do not imagine it would ever happen to us in this age of the smoke alarm, sprinkler and fire safety. However, would you know what to do if you found a fire? It is easier to act fast if you have a plan in your head. Learn about next steps and share the plan with everyone in your home:

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Shout Alert

Make sure everyone in your home or workplace knows there is a fire. Shout about it and gather everyone together as soon as possible. Sound the alarm if there is one.


Talk about a way out with your family, so that everyone is familiar with what the plan is in the event of a fire. Every workplace should have a detailed plan of escape and a staff meeting point with regular drills. During the escape, it is important to remember the following things:

Do not pause to collect items or search for your pet, however much you want to

Do not try to investigate the cause of the fire

Where there is smoke, get down and crawl on the floor where the air is cleaner and cooler. Keep your nose as low to the ground as possible. The smoke is often a killer when people get caught up in the fire because it is highly toxic

When you escape, only open doors you need to to get out of the building and close all open doors to slow the progress of the fire

Before entering each room, if the door is shut, place the back of your hand against the door and should it feel warm or hot to the touch, do not open as there is likely a fire on the other side. Consider Fire Safety Training Bristol. Contact a site like Bristol Fire for the latest Fire Safety Training Bristol.

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What to do if your clothes catch fire:

Air makes fire burn faster so if your clothes go up in flames, don’t run or walk around or you will make the fire burn faster

Immediately lie down which makes it difficult for the fire to spread. The fire burns in an upward direction so lying and rolling will also help protect the face and head

To prevent oxygen to the fire, smother the fire in heavy material such as a blanket or coat and roll around on the floor

Once you’ve escaped your property, phone or get a neighbour to phone 999. When you’re in shock, it can be difficult to communicate. But you have to give the whole address and town, what kind of property is on fire and if anyone else is in the property and what room.

Never return

Even if you think there is still someone in the building, do not ever go back. Find a safe place and wait nearby for the Fire and Rescue Service. You can help by telling them what you know, and they will be much faster at locating people than you will. Re-entering the building puts you at further risk and gives the Fire Service one more person to worry about, extending the time it takes to save you and anyone else trapped.

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