What to do when your electric oven breaks down

A look into the problems we face when an oven breaks down and where we can get replacement parts without paying through the nose.

It is everyone’s nightmare, particularly at Christmas. You turn on the oven and nothing happens. Electric ovens are clean and easy to use and one of the biggest perks of having an electric oven is that you can buy parts for them that are fairly easy to replace. The first thing that you need to do is trace the problem and this is where an understanding of all things electrical comes in. Start with the simple things first and go from there; if you are unsure then always seek the advice of a qualified electrician or fitter as it is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to handling electricity.

What can go wrong?
So what can go wrong with an electric oven? The most simple cause of an electric oven not working is that the plug or fuse is faulty. An electric oven should always be plugged into a specific point at the wall and some are hard-wired. These are more difficult to diagnose, as it does not involve changing the plug, but removing the actual socket from the wall. The thermostat is also important, as this is what controls the cooking temperature of the oven. These can also be purchased and replaced without too much difficulty. Having the manufacturer’s handbook to hand is a big advantage, but these can also be sourced second hand, often from a site that sells Electrolux cooker & oven spares, for example.

Bits and Pieces.
it is not only the working of the oven that can cause a problem. Doors, buttons, and lights can all break, even the door seal can become worn. Everything from the door down to the grill pan can be purchased and it isn’t just oven parts that can be purchased. Many online sites cater for lamps, electrical components for heaters and coolers and filters of all descriptions. Many parts can be ordered with next day delivery in the United Kingdom, keeping your inconvenience to a minimum. You will often find that sites offer a price match promise and that the site will meet price if you find the part cheaper elsewhere.

Whilst it is always good to be able to source your own parts, you also need to take care. Unless it is a simple replacement of an item, make sure that anyone who is installing your new part understands the workings of an electric oven. Electricity is a dangerous thing if not used properly and badly fitted items can cause house fires. Whilst doing it yourself is much more economical, if you have any doubt, then take the advice of an expert. There are videos available on how to make certain repairs and they are well worth watching, particularly if you are attempting a repair for the first time. Make sure you obtain all your parts from an approved dealer.

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