Present a photo book to keep all your memories alive

From scanning old Valentine’s cards to new pictures of the family, an online photo book will keep those cherished images of your loved ones safe for all the family to enjoy.

Think of your first Valentine’s card. Not the one that was a joke from your friends. The important card was the one that came from someone you cared for. You wanted to keep it forever. But then, over the years, it started yellowing at the edges. An old and sweet memory was crumbling in your sight.

Some Valentine’s cards later, maybe from the same person, maybe from someone else, became a building block in your life. The first Valentine card after you got married was special. In later years, even the kids sent you a Valentine card. By the time you were thinking of your pension, even the grandchildren sent cards. You keep them in a drawer today along with old photos, to be taken out and looked at with joy, though not by everyone you think should see them. But there are other ways of keeping these photo safe, without falling to pieces in old age.

Family history

This is the time when you should think about an online photo book. Bring together all your favorite photographs in a way that you can access easily and send to friends and family. Just think of the fun you can have to play around with them. .


Those old photographs never looked so wonderful, you think. The picture was very grained and blurred. But once uploaded, you can adjust the focus to make it clearer. You will be able to focus on different people. Just think of that wonderful picture of your smiling grandmother on her wedding day or your child’s first smile. Maybe you would like to laugh at yourselves seeing pictures of that crazy holiday. Sometimes, you may wince, but it’s all fun. You can make the old images sharper and clearer. They can make you look more beautiful too.

Family history

This is the way to collect a photo book that can tell your family’s story, or just remember a few beautiful days together. Memories are made from those silly little moments that you may have forgotten, but seeing then again in a photo they suddenly seem so special. Even those violets and roses on that first Valentine’s card great granddad sent to your great grandma look like the real love story they were. When you start adding in all the new photos, it becomes so much easier than messing around with glue as with old-fashioned photo albums. And even more importantly, you will be able to send the photos to everyone you care about.


Give your loved ones a surprise by presenting them with online photo books. It will be a picture of all the memories that you cherish and can look at on special days. The photos can be made to look like fun, a treat, or a joke. But the photo book will always be a unique way to look at yourself and your loved ones.

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