The Best 10 Affordable Gifts For Him

No matter how big of a shopaholic you are or how professionally successful and smart you may be, but every lady faces a challenge when it comes to buying a gift for her special man. Women might be fascinated by almost anything her dream partner brings the thought of receiving a gift alone excites her. But men can be picky. The notable point is that a woman’s gift reveals the thought she actually invested in it, according to his interests and hobbies. If you are willing to infuse some courtship flavor into your now stagnant relationship or desire to confess you-are-special-to-me love, gifts are the safest choice. Remember, while choosing a gift for him, you must think beyond diamonds. To help you with this brainstorming session, we have created a list of top ten affordable gifts for him.

10. Leather Wallet

If you have just begun dating, you need not go overboard with the gifts. Also, at a starting phase there is an uncertainty into how much you should spend for the man you have just met. Go for first-rate leather wallets. Leather goods are never out of style. Despite being useful, leather also adds a classy taste to your personality.

9. Cologne

Regardless of the stage, your relationship is on, cologne always serves as an ideal choice. You can choose any strong or light scent, depending on what you want this gift to convey. The former one will mean that you wish to take it to the next level through the seductive scent while the latter might be a genuine way of saying that he smells bad.

8. DVD Collection

Almost every guy is enthralled by movies. But unlike chick flicks and rom coms, guys may prefer action flicks or superhero series. Gifting him complete seasons of The Sopranos, The Wire or Game of Thrones will definitely give you brownie points.

7. Swiss Army Knife

This is the best thing to gift a particular man. The Swiss Army knife will last forever. Integrated with various mechanical features like scissors, screwdriver tips, blades, bottle openers and others, it also works for men who are disorganized or forgettable in nature.  These are available in a variety of prices and designs to choose from.

6. Bathrobe

If he is leisure loving who loves to stroll around the home and loosen up on Sunday mornings, bathrobe is a great gift option. This intimate gift will show your appreciation for his me-time.

5. Sport tickets

He is a sports fanatic and you are certainly not a sports type. Gifting sports tickets might seem as an outdated idea, but it still is a great option to show him that you respect his interests even though they are entirely different from yours. Excite him with his favorite game tickets.

4. A timeless blazer

He might have a whole lot of blazers, but a classic and timeless piece is not there in every man’s closet. Find him a versatile and everlasting blazer that will refine his looks and make his personality more charismatic.

3. Refined Single Malt

If he is someone more on the urbane side, fine whiskey might be his dream gift. Team up the malt bottle with sophisticated glasses. Bruichladdich is one of the malts which is exceptionally flavored and affordable. He will surely appreciate your this choice of gifts.

2. Musette bag

In this fashion age, replace his backpacks and briefcases with the bold Musette bags. Available in a wide range today, these will add both an additional element of luxury and machismo to his personality.

1. Kindle or an Ipad Case

Every man has this one handy electronic to which he is glued. Wherever he travels, it stays with him. You can make his favorite possession appear tasteful by choosing a fine case or cover for it. Select the color and design that compliment his personality.

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